Insider’s guide to Booking a Holiday Party Magician

Holiday Parties are a great time to showcase incredible entertainment. Whether it’s a Corporate Holiday Party or a Private Party with family and friends, a Magician is always a great addition. The best magicians book up early so if you plan to get a premium performer on a December night booking them before October is highly recommended.

People often ask what kind of magic if offered for holiday parties and what will be the best fit for my party. Well, keep reading because this your insider’s guide to booking a Holiday Party Magician. Below I will discuss the difference in magic styles offered so you have an idea what will be the best fit for your event or party

Close-Up Magic

Close-up magic is typically performed in smaller groups of two -twenty people. It is most often performed in a strolling fashion where Ben Silver walks from group to group entertaining and astonishing guest. However, it can also be performed in a seated setting for smaller groups at dinner during the holiday party and in conjunction with a wine tasting or wine dinner. Ben Silver’s close-up magic is highly recommended for holiday parties as either an introductory welcome entertainment during cocktail hour or throughout the evening for the entire party mixing, mingling, and astounding guest in a relaxed party atmosphere.

Stage Magic

Ben Silver’s Stage Show Magic features seamless undetectable sleight of hand, eerie mentalism, witty comedy, and tons of audience participation. Some effects include pulling thoughts from the audience’s mind, making objects appear and vanish in the blink of an eye, and making a signed card appear in a completely sealed and corked bottle of wine. Stage Shows are best experienced by larger groups of 50- 1000+ people in a large venue or ballroom.

As a favorite San Diego Corporate Stage Magician, highbrow wit and Ben Silver’s signature dry sense of humor carry the show and frame the magic into a wonderful delight of theatre and wonder.

Ben offers customizable holiday party stage shows that can incorporate your business, a certain theme or product. Whether your theme be communication, partnership, strategic planning, or you want to reveal and highlight a new product, invention, or a recently approved pharmaceutical, Ben will tailor the show to your specifications.

Parlor Magic

Holiday Party Parlor Magic is a more intimate or smaller scale stage show/ stand up performance. Parlor Magic also referred to a living room magic is just that, magic that is performed for 20- 50 people in a more intimate setting. This was the style performed for kings and monarchs over the centuries when they would invite a magician to entertain their guest after a formal dinner. Everyone has a great seat and the magician is able to perform more intimate miracles among the group. This style of magic is great for Holiday Parties for smaller companies or at the annual family and friend Christmas Party. Close-up Magic is often combined seamlessly with Parlor Magic.

Wine Sommelier and Magician Experience

Ben Silver’s Sommelier & Magic Experience at your Holiday Party is a true luxury experience unlike any other Sommelier and Magic experience. As Ben is the world’s ONLY Magician and Certified Sommelier he is the only person who can provide a service of this caliber. Mentalist powers, sleight of hand, and magic can all be expected during a Sommelier and Magic dinner program.

A perfect fit as corporate holiday party entertainment for guest who enjoy the finer things in life. The experience is fully curated to fit the theme and number of guest attending the event. Smaller groups may enjoy a coursed wine dinner with Close –Up or Parlor Magic. Larger Groups may opt for a wine tasting station or group introduction to wines at the beginning of an event following by a large scale Stage Show for all to enjoy together. Whichever performance style you choose for your group it is sure to provide the ultimate unique upscale experience.

I hope this helps you find the right type of magic performance to make your holiday party dynamic and memorable. Always feel free to email Ben at so he can help you pick out the best performance style for your event based on the timing, flow & vibe, and guest count.