Trade Shows

Ensure a great trade show experience and maximize your draw of clients and leads. By adding Ben Silver to your booth, tent, or pavilion area you drastically amplify your trade show presence and create a memorable experience that will long be associated with your brand. You’ll find customers, leads and other attendees seeking you out the next day and the next year to see Ben Silver perform again.

Make sure to STAND OUT amongst the rest of the booths, draw crowds, get leads, make partnerships, and make sales! Ben Silver is the secret ingredient to ensure the success of your trade show. Ben has a very easy going affable approach to him which helps to break down those walls between attendees and your booth staff, attracting a crowd that might not have otherwise stopped. The attendees understand customer service and we be blown away at the caliber of entertainment you have provided for them. Some people have never witnessed magic in person and your brand will be the brand that has given them that gift.

"Absolutely mind blowing! I can't recommend Ben highly enough for your company event or party. Our people absolutely LOVED him!"

    Tom Turner Managing Partner


"More than magical, truly astounding!"

      Ron Meyer – Vice Chairman

NBC Universal

“Amazing! The best I’ve seen!”

        Scott Peters- Chairman of the board President and CEO

Healthcare Trust of America

"Great job Ben! Thank you for making our partners summit magical!"

       Owen Chan – President and CEO

Cisco Greater China

"Thank you, Ben! Your entertainment was fantastic! The group thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I received nothing but great compliments about your performance.”

       Brian Hayes – Senior Vice President

Capital One Commercial Banking

Both Close-up Magic and Stage Magic are a HUGE HIT at Trade Shows. Ben works directly with his clients to make sure he focuses on each individual brand’s goals and objectives. He will create customized illusions and develop routines and patter to present your brand or product in the highest regard. Ben acts as the perfect icebreaker and implements your sales team into the act and introduces them by name to the crowd so the attendees feel a sense of familiarity and comfortability to talk business after the performance, as they now have the feeling they know your team members.