Hello Friends, Welcome Back to my Monthly Newsletter and for my New Friends…Welcome!

FYI – I have already started booking December dates for Holiday Parties, as the December weekends are the most sought after dates of the entire year for a magician.
I always take care of my repeat clients, so If you want me at your Holiday Party this year, I recommend contacting me sooner than later.

Being the World’s Only Magician and Certified Sommelier this Newsletter focuses on 2 things, you guessed it…  Wines and Illusions.

Each month I post 2 videos, 1 video Teaches you Magic, the other recommends wines.

The Wine Video gives you reassurance to buy wines with confidence from your local retailer or online. I have no incentive to endorse these wines, I just think they are great for their particular style and price point.

However, the second video is the best part of this newsletter. I TEACH YOU MAGIC! That’s right, it’s against magician’s code but the magic I teach you has already been leaked… Thanks YouTube.  I strongly urge you not to share the secrets because if everyone could do it, it wouldn’t be cool.


This Month’s Videos

Magic Trick of the Month

Cross Cut Card Prediction

Today’s video is a simple yet strong trick with a difficulty rating of 1. The cross cut Prediction is a self- working card trick and the showmanship is what makes it powerful. The reveal (most important part) can be done in any fashion, so get creative and have fun with it. I would recommend practicing with one other person to get it down. Good luck, email me with questions.

Click below for the trick.

Wines of the Month

Roederer Portofilio Sparkling Wines – Price Range $30-$60

1. Roederer Estate Brut Rose Sparkling Wine non- vintage.

2. Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne non-vintage.

See Video review below

 Public Appearances this month. 

Meze Greek Fusion in Downtown San Diego.
Located at 345 6th Ave San Diego, CA 92101

Performance Style: Wine and Magic. Strolling Close- Up Magic and Sommelier Services. Wine flights, Wine by the glass and Wine by the bottle recommendations.
June 19th, June 21st,  June 22d, June 26th, June 29th

Speakeasy in Downtown San Diego.
Located at 548 5th Ave. San Diego, CA 92101

8pm -10pm
Performance Style: Close–Up Strolling Magic

June 20th, June 27th

I am still available to perform at your Private and Corporate Functions on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday even if the date you want me for is listed above. I have agreements with the venues to take off when needed. That is why at the top it says subject to change.

Please contact me directly at Ben@BenSilverMagic.com to inquire about my availability. I would love to be there to entertain your clients, colleagues, family, and friends!

Until next month, have fun drinking wine and learning magic!

All good wishes,

Ben Silver