2020 Client Appreciation- Holiday Party Magic During Covid

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. We have all experienced the hardships and setbacks differently. As a Magician, Sommelier, and Wine Director the challenges have been difficult for me, as I need people to get together and restaurants and venues to be open for me to be able to work.

After five months of not performing for clients or groups I finally started performing for smaller groups in residential settings in late September. October showed a few gigs, nothing close to previous years, but corporations aren’t throwing live events and the San Diego Convention Center which brought me plenty of trade show and conference business is closed.

A Sommelier Wine & Magic Experiences, Dinner Party Magic, and Living Room/ Back Yard Magic have been popular since people still have the longing to see friends and loved ones in a low risk setting. Most of the groups I’ve performed for have been less than 15 people which is fine with me, I love performing more intimate magic and being able to learn names and connect with people. Wine Tastings and Dinners have also been fun for the same reason, the smaller groups give you the opportunity for more one on one time answering questions and telling stories like in private school classrooms… I assume, I went to public school.

As people are settling in to what the 2020 climate has given us, people are finally optimistic to start throwing parties or mixers again. I have a few November dates in the books and inquires for holiday parties are coming in. As there are rumors of upticks in covid cases as of lately (10/20/2020) I not sure how people will respond with their interest in gatherings this holiday season if a new scare is set upon us. So what to do…

Have a Party, Be Responsible, Celebrate the People You Love!

All of my bookings in November and going forward into 2021 have a Covid Clause. This means that you are safe to book me as entertainment without worry! If some reason you or your family has a covid occurrence or the state/federal government mandates a law that limits gatherings, or the event space you booked for your event has been forced to close, Don’t worry… your deposit is safe!

I will return all deposits on bookings immediately if your event has to cancel. The same goes for me, If I don’t feel well and I feel my health may compromise you or your guest, I will cancel my performance to guarantee the safety of others. I will do my best to find you another great magician, however, I will not be able to find you another Magician & Sommelier since I’m the only one…like Tigger.

This December, all past clients will get 20% off last year’s December rates! That also comes with the deposit insurance and covid clause.
So, if you’re not sure if your company is going to have a party, if you’ll be allowed to have a party, how many guest you can invite, if the venue will be open, you’ll have one thing guaranteed…you’ve booked the best entertainment possible, risk fee! No matter the size or venue of the party I will make it special for you, your friends, clients, colleagues, and loved ones.
If you are reading this and have never hired me before, the covid clause and refundable deposit exist for everyone and I’m looking forward to meeting you and making your event the one all others will be judged against.

Till next time, Stay Healthy, Stay Positive, and Hug a Dog… its good for the immune system.

All good wishes,

Ben Silver