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What can you expect from Ben Silver’s stage show?

Ben’s stage show features seamless undetectable sleight of hand, eerie mentalism, witty comedy, and tons of audience participation. Some effects include pulling thoughts from the audience’s mind, making objects appear and vanish in the blink of an eye, and making a signed card appear in a completely sealed and corked bottle of wine. Highbrow wit and Ben’s signature dry sense of humor carry the show and frame the magic into a wonderful delight of theatre and wonder that leaves audiences both smiling and questioning reality.

“Amazing! The best I’ve seen!”

Scott Peters – President and CEO.
Healthcare Trust of America 

As Ben Silver is an accomplished Certified Sommelier his signature stage show naturally involves wine and wine related illusions. It is performed with an insight of knowledge and showmanship that could only be demonstrated by someone who truly loves wine. Liquids appear, dream wine vacations are predicted and trust is reinforced…as red wine is known to stain. A delectable feast of the senses that even incorporates a wine tasting mid show if desired by the host.

Ben Silver is the top choice for corporate entertainment and offers a completely customizable stage show that can incorporate your business, a certain theme or product. Whether your theme be communication, partnership, strategic planning, or you want to reveal and highlight a new product, invention, or a recently approved pharmaceutical, Ben will tailor the show to your specifications.

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“Great job Ben! Thank you for making our partners summit magical!”

Owen Chan – President and CEO 
Cisco Greater China