The Academy of Magic Arts

Ben Silver is a proud magician member of The Academy of Magic Arts and it clubhouse the World-Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. If you are considering booking Ben Silver for an upcoming event or are just a fan of Ben Silver and magic, this is a great way to get a glimpse of the magic he performs while enjoying drinks in the worlds most renowned private magic club. Ben Silver hosts at the Magic Castle once a month or so depending on his performance schedule. On a hosted night, Ben Silver takes his guests on a tour of the Magic Castle and explains its rich history and all the amazing magical artifacts it houses. Dai Vernon’s remains (ashes), Houdini’s milk jug, handcuffs, and straightjackets, and W.C Fields pool table are just a few of the historical treasures on display at the Magic Castle. There are multiple levels of entertainment, bars, showrooms, and wonder at the Magic Castle and Ben is delighted to guide your experience. Ben will also perform an impromptu show for his guest.

Dress Code is Strictly Enforced

Please visit for more information about the Club. Please email if you would like to attend one of Ben Silver’s Hosted Nights. Please write a summary about yourself and where you met Ben Silver or how you heard about Ben Silver’s Hosted Nights at the Castle.